Website Maintenance Packages

Media Leads provide WordPress website maintenance packages to support businesses from all sectors and of all sizes, we leave you to focus on what you do best and let us make sure your website is working properly.
It’s a rolling monthly payment and there’s no contract so you can cancel anytime!

Why should i consider a website maintenance package?

In order for any website to remain reliable and fast, it’s important to be doing regular maintenance in the form of updates and routine checks on monitoring stats, and we are just talking about security and performance here. You also have to consider the importance of how effective your website is at grabbing potential customers attention, and for this your website will benefits from some dedicated time every month to improve the visual aspects of the website and content that’s displayed.

Now the above is a lot to keep track of for busy businesses that just want to get on with their own services, that is why we have put together our maintenance packages, your time is no doubt a lot more valuable doing what you do best. That is why we believe maintenance is essential to the long term success of your website.

Key Maintenance Package Features

Website Hosting

Hosting is a necessity for any wordpress website, the performance offered by your hosting provider or the server is key to the overall performance of your website. So for a great foundation we begin by ensuring your website is hosted on one of our blazingly fast cloud hosting servers as part of any of our maintenance packages.

Premium Backups

Backups are a vital tool incase of a website hack, or an update gone wrong. Our maintenance packages include backups daily, which are stored locally on the server, but also in a off-site copy, just in case. You can never be to careful!

Website Security

Your website will naturally be more secure when hosted on our high end hosting solution, due to additional firewalls and direct attack protection. On top of this we will also run additional regular scans on your site to unsure no malware is present. If the worst does happen then we will have backups to work with or we will undertake a clean and reinstall of your site to bring it back to life.

Website Updates

For WordPress websites there are 2 important elements to be updated, the core WordPress version, and any plugins in use on the site. Any out of date software especially on a widely used platform like WordPress is vulnerable to hacking and exploits, which can gain access to your website either taking it offline or to discretely use the hosting server for malicious activities. By having us keep your software all up to date, you can reduce the risk of any downtime due to an attack, and ensure your website is always live and running smoothly for your visitors.

Website Content Support

All of our website maintenance packages contain an allowance for time we allow to carry out any additional work you require on your website. Whether you wish to use that for adding a new page, blog post, changing some content or images. It could be anything even if you might normally do it yourself, but just don’t have time this month, that’s what we are here for!

Discounted Hourly Rate

If you require additional support or works done on your website that goes above the allowed monthly hours, as an existing monthly paying customer you will get priority support and discounted rates. This would usually be required if you want new functionality or multiple new pages adding to your website.

Enhanced Email Deliverability

Emails sent from your website and from your business email accounts are not the same, emails sent from the website are called transactional emails, and come from a different source than your normal emails due to the website being on a different server. This means that deliverability of these transactional emails can sometimes be unreliable, potentially meaning you miss out on enquiry emails or your customers don’t received important information. So to improve this as part of our premium hosting we allow usage of our premium transactional email system, allowing emails to be relayed more reliably to the intended user.

Website Analytics (GDPR Compliant)

As part of our maintenance package we will put in place analytics software of your choice, or we can recommend a suitable solution. If you wish to install google analytics for example then you will require additional cookie protection to gain consent before allowing users to be tracked, or we have alternative solution that are GDPR compliant by default to avoid this.

Our Plans

Business Essential

£60 per month

Business Pro

£100 per month

Additional inclusive support

+ £40 per hour

Ecommerce/Sign Up website addon

+ £30 per month

If you have an eCommerce site or a membership based sign up site, this addon is required for either of our maintenance packages. It is more time consuming to maintain these types of websites and there are additional measures we put in place to make sure we provide the highest level of support possible, primarily the inclusion of Real Time backups, and also staging site usage for any changes and updates to your website.

All Prices above exclude VAT


100%, the work we do as part of maintenance packages offered require minimal upfront setup work. So we really will have no problem with you leaving whenever you need to.

We love to build long term, valuable relationships with all of our clients so we will obviously be sad to see you go, but fully understand that sometimes it may be needed to drop some monthly outgoings, so we don’t want to tie anyone down.

We just need notice 30 days in advance to

No, unfortunately not, we reserve this set amount of time for you each month. This means that when you do ask for support or changes, we are there to provide priority support to you, and no new projects take your allowance away from you for example. It works the same way as a retainer does for most businesses.

Anything you want that we can offer is a fair request in our eyes! As long as we can fit it within the time allowed we are happy to get it done for you.

The most popular requests are minor changes to the website such as content or images changes.

We will inform you beforehand if any of your requested work goes above the allowed support time, and provide you a quote for the additional work at the discounted rate we promised you.

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