A website means nothing without making it visible to the outside world! That’s what website hosting servers are used for. Providing secure, fast & always on access to your website from anywhere in the world.

Media Leads offer competitive hosting packages to suit your existing website or new website that we are developing

Services & Support


When you host your website with us, we can provide support that you won’t get directly with hosting providers or your own hosting platform, we always endeavor to provide assistance whenever required for our hosting clients.


As part of our hosting services we can provide hosted email, meaning you can use your domain for profesional/business email accounts. Along with support for your email services if you ever have issues.


All of our hosting services comes with SSL protection included, that’s what allows your website to be delivered to customers securely, indicated by a padlock shown in their browser. This ensures trust is not lost when visitors are veiwing your business online. 

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