Lead generation

Taking the uncertainty out of your marketing costs, lead generation can be a great option for businesses looking to generate customers fast.

From keywords to KPI’s, with our history of highly successful lead generation projects, media leads are in a prime position to enhance your marketing results

To put it simply, Media Leads will provide a fixed price per lead we provide to you. This price will depend on your target market and the competition in the marketplace. We primary use PPC campaigns for our lead generation campaigns, as this offers higher quality leads, however we can use alternatives such as social media depending on the market.

As part of our lead generation if we don’t have an existing brand live for your required lead type, we will develop a landing page website, that will be bespoke toy our business. We never run lead generation for more than one company on the same website at the same time, taking it a step further from some companies that will even sell the same lead to more than one business.

As above this is dependant on a multitude of factors, including your target market, the volume of leads required, the ammount of information desired from your potential customers… We may be able to provide a cost per lead straight away if we have worked in your sector before. If not then we will do initial research into your market and come up with an estimated cost per lead, then folowwing an initial trial we can confirm the resutant lead costs before continuing 

We pride ourselves on working very closely with the companies we provide leads for. You will have your own bespoke lead generation website and campaigns run by us, with enquiries being directly received by your teams in real-time. This has led to Media Leads running some long term lead generation projects for our clients, who are extremely happy with the results.

Alternatively, if you are an established business with a proven track record of sales, we can talk about our funding options for a share of revenue contract with Media Leads running your lead generation campaigns.