Pay Per Click (PPC)

Get fast results by driving high quality customers to your website, PPC is one of the most effective and commonly used digital marketing methods.

From keywords to KPI’s, with our history of highly successful lead generation projects, media leads are in a prime position to enhance your PPC results.

Pay per click campaigns with google ads and bing ads can offer very versatile marketing options, targeting your potential customers who are actively searching for your services means the highest quility of click through to your website.

As well as this your campaigns can include creative display advertising to pick up on customers who have recently searched for your services for example.

One of the key benefits of PPC campaigns is the ability to offer a fast return on investment, making them a great option for startup businesses and larger businesses alike.

Media Leads have a high level of experience using PPC advertising for our clients in our in house lead generation campaign. By transferring this experience to our PPC clients campaigns that increase brand awareness & grow businesses by driveing high quality traffic to your website.

We are genuine honest people here, that really care about the success of our clients businesses. We offer a transparent fixed fee based on campaign spend for management of your PPC ads campaigns, no hidden costs. If you are an established business with a proven track record of sales, we can even talk about our funding options for a share of revenue contract with Media Leads running your PPC campaigns.

Our campaigns generally begin on the google ads platform, however if we feel it may be beneficial we also utilise microsoft (bing) ads for our PPC campaigns.